Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gullible Geniuses

Sarah really is quite smart. She gets great grades, seemingly without a lot of effort. She is bright and on the ball. I honestly don't worry much about her due to her level of common sense and down to earth attitude.

But sometimes .... I have to wonder ....

Like the other day when we were in the car. Sarah was complaining about her tooth.

But now we need a little history about her tooth. A few years ago, AJ and Sarah were outside playing. AJ, being AJ and 5 years old, decided throwing a rock at his big sister was a great idea. I don't mean a pebble. It was a palm-sized rock. And it landed directly on Sarah's face, breaking one of her front teeth right in half. So off we went to the dentist. He created a false tooth for the missing bottom half of her tooth. As she's aged, the top of her tooth has changed color, while the false bottom portion has remained as the dentist created it.

And thus the complaint from Sarah about her tooth. She hates having a two toned tooth, understandably so.

As we were discussing the matter, I said something about how half of her tooth would always stay the same color, since it was man-made.

Funny Sam said, "The top half."

Sarah looked at him with shock and she said, "Really!?"

To her benefit, it took her about half a second to realize he was kidding, much less that it would be pretty difficult for the top half of her tooth to be the fake part ...

Sometimes the smart ones are the most gullible!


Mike said...

Sometimes we just don't have time to think about things lol.

Erika said...


How old is Sarah?

sarala said...

I went through much the same thing as Sarah. I "caught" a baseball with my mouth when I was a kid. For the first few years I had a capped front tooth that was silver. Not much fun in middle school, I can tell you. Someone told me I looked like an old lady because I had a false tooth. I finally got it replaced with one with an enamel front which made my life a bit better.
Tell Sarah for me, it's the smile that counts not the color of the teeth.


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