Friday, December 22, 2006


Ok, my grades are in. I almost forgot to look actually, but saw East of Oregon passed a class, so decided to check mine, too!

I got all As, but one A-. That from a professor I confronted in front of a few other students ... I worked my tail off for the assignment, so the only reason for the A- is her loss of dignity. Ooops.

So that means ...
Current semester GPA is 3.94.
All around GPA for this college is 3.58.
Accumulative, including a previous college is 3.54.

I have worked very hard to get it all above 3.5. Which is fairly good considering I started out at 1.7.

I'm pleased.

Not too happy with that professor who didn't like my rebuttal when she dissed my religion ... but she had to send me a message somehow, I guess.

Only one more semester to go ...


Mike said...

Good job with your grades. Keep up the good work.

Skittles said...



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