Friday, December 29, 2006

Excuse the Delay

We haven't posted in a day or so ... A few things have happened. One, the kids found a new online game they can't stop playing. My computer time has been over-ridden. I'm way too nice, I think. LOL

Two, AJ woke up the other day with the flu. The rest of this entry is not for the faint of stomach ... I'll try to be nice.

Why is it that the flu hits kids in the middle of the night? Wouldn't it be much simpler at 2:09 PM instead of 2:09 AM?

And it seems in the day, AJ would have been aware enough to actually make it to the toilet before the projectile release hit him. :: sigh :: I wonder if our house will always smell like vomit ...

I am crossing my fingers, sending positive energy, saying prayers, bargaining .. that no one else in the family gets what AJ had.

Poor little guy.

And I'll see if I can sneak a minute in on the computer to send some thoughts to the blog. Maybe in the middle of the night (like now) when the kids are asleep.

Maybe Chel can sneak time in at work ...



Mike said...

Kids never get sick during the day lol. It's always late and when you want or need sleep. I hope he feels better soon.

Skittles said...

Awww, hope he feels better soon.

Chelle & Chel said...

He does. I just hope I feel better soon. Its amazing the nooks and cranies projectile vomit can find its way into. Scrub-a-dub-dub!

- Chel


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