Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Fault

I had an experience the other day that I had a hard time wrapping my brain around. I figure the only way to get it out of my system is to post it here to my blog. You know, try to make it funny and let everyone else in on the amazing joke he is. I mean, the amazing joke IT Is.

I had to take Sam to the doctor the other day for depression. I met his dad there (my ex-husband). The doctor wanted to talk to Sam alone, so he directed me and X to another room. So there I was in a small, closed room with X. I made my efforts at small talk, talked about the kids mostly.

Then he said an amazing thing. He said, "Remember when Sarah was a baby and she screamed all night long?"

How can one forget such an event, even if it was more than 14-years ago? She screamed from 11pm until 6am and we had no idea why. We checked everything. Nothing was the apparent cause. So we took shifts all night. He'd attempt to comfort for an hour while I slept, I'd attempt for an hour while he slept. We never did figure out the issue. She just stopped crying at 6am and went to sleep. She's a funny girl ...

So I said, "Of course I remember that."

Then he said, "I think the reason she did that was she sensed there was something not quite right with you."

I was stunned into absolute silent stupidity. I think I even had my mouth hanging open as I stared at the painting on the wall in front of me. I wanted desperately to say at least "huh?" but nothing came out.

Soon enough he went rambling on about how he wished he had made different choices when we were first married when it came to his schooling ... his inane rambling pulled me out of my stun.

Wow. I have been told most of my life that it's all my fault (whatever "it" is, it's my fault). But this one really took the cake.

Just keep in mind: next time something goes wrong, look me up. I'm sure it's my fault for some reason. Could even be that there's just something not quite right with me.

Hey, this worked. I really am laughing now.


Mike said...

I had to chuckle on this one. That line is exactly the line my ex uses on me lol. At least you didn't let it get you down. Oh, when my son was a wee little tyke, he would cry for seemingly no reason too. The cure was to take him for a ride in the car. It worked pretty much every time.

Skittles said...

My second son was a screamer, too. Psst.. there's a reason I call my ex Butthead ;)

Emily said...

You should meet my father in law. Nothing is his fault, so the universe could make sense for him if he just knew you. But I like you. Please don't ever meet him.

And the ex-spouse's perspective tend to get more stunning as we step back more, don't they?

Last Minute Lyn said...

Wow sounds like my ex...The Boob

Sudiegirl said...

Are you sure we don't have some of the same relatives?

I mean, your ex sounds like my future father-in-law.

They both need to be hit by cement trucks.


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