Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Decorations

So I spent a good portion of the day yesterday putting up Christmas decorations. It's a bit earlier than I usually do, but I was in the decorating mood, so out I trudge to the garage, up the ladder, back down the ladder with a box too big for me. Up the ladder, down the ladder again. Anna, my dog, was out there as well, and she thought it was something pretty interesting watching me go up and down. She wondered when it was her turn. So I took her for a quick walk.

Several trips and boxes (and a walk) later, I had it all in the house, and began first by unpacking the lights. My goal was to go through them all, and just throw out those that didn't work, rather then fiddling with them, replacing bulbs to get the string all lit up again. Well, I did pretty good with that. However, I did end up replacing many bulbs, but I threw a lot out as well. Which then meant I had to replace what I trashed. So off I go to the local "Superstore" for all my lighting needs.

I found what I needed without too much effort, bought two 150 count strands of blue ice cycle lights and some all purpose hanging hooks. Got home, pulled the ladder to the snowcovered roof of the house, crawled up and began stringing the lights. I soon discovered I didn't have enough all purpose hooks, so back to the store I go, drop some money into the Salvation Army bell ringer pot, pick up more hangers, and head home. Back up the ladder, and began again to string the lights, only to find out I am about 2/3 short. Wow. Either my house is a lot bigger than I thought (nope) or 300 count lights isn't very much (yep). So I improvise by putting up plain white lights on the side, so the blue ice cycles can hang in front. That worked pretty well. Until of course I still run out of blue ice cycles - half way across the front the of the house. Nice.

But I was out of time, and frozen. So there they are and that's how they will stay for at least 2 more days, until I have time to get back to the store for more ice cycle lights, and back on to the roof to complete the half-finished project.

Happy decorating.

- Chel


Mike said...

Trying to fix those long strings of lights can be a real pain in the butt. I do what you do now and just replace them. Oh, was it Chelle who packed the too big for you boxes? It's just my experience that women pack boxes knowing that they will never be the ones who put them away or pick them up. Oh well lol. Good post.

Skittles said...

When you're done will you come do our porch?? (running away...)


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