Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Accident Prone

I took a quiz at Queendom.com to see if I was accident prone. It only ended up telling me I'm a moderate risk taker. I'm not sure how accurate it is ... I mean, come on. I'm deathly afraid of heights. Surely saying I would never bungee jump or sky dive doesn't mean I'm not a risk taker? I dunno ... maybe I'm a chicken butt after all.

But really, it's because I am quite accident prone. The worst accident I caused was a doozy, and I'm just blessed beyond measure no one was hurt. I had worked all night, then got a ride to a town 45 miles away to pick up a jeep I was buying from a guy. He spent hours doing his own thing before he'd draw up the papers. We went to his storage unit so he could get his skis out. We went to the store so he could buy some groceries. He made phone calls. I thought he was nuts, but my ride had left. I was stuck with this strange man until he was ready to fill out the paperwork. Finally, hours after watching his daily routine, he just gave me the keys and told me to come back on Monday to do the paperwork. What a huge waste of time.

On my way home, I fell fast asleep. I think I was even dreaming. Of course, this is a very bad idea when you're at the wheel ... The inevitable happened. I hit a truck in front of me on the freeway, totalled the jeep, and got a ticket. I told the officer lady I was asleep, she looked at me, and said, "you never, ever say that" and marked "failure to yield." I'm glad she took pity on me. And I'm glad that stupid man never started the paperwork!

Other than that, the fact that I'm a klutz has had far more humorous results. There was one day I was walking down the street trying to convince a friend I am not a klutz, when I walked right into a pole. She didn't believe me after that.

One evening, some friends and I were sitting around chatting when one of them looked out the sliding glass door and exclaimed, "Wow! Look at that sunset!" I looked, saw it was incredible, saw the sliding glass door was open, and rushed out to the balcony. Taking the screen door with me. Even though the glass door was open, the screen door wasn't, and I walked right through it.

I had quite a reputation following that one.

Years ago some friends and I went to Chicago. We went into this beautiful religious building, amazing art work, amazing carpet, amazing marble reception desk. Beautiful. I walked up to the reception desk, was waiting my turn to ask a question, saw the ornate gold flowers on the front of the marble desk, touched one, and it fell off into my hand.

Sometimes I think it's just my destiny.

Sometimes I think people keep me around for the comic relief ....



Mike said...

I've walked into the screen with the patio door open too lol. I think we've all done some of these things.

Chelle & Chel said...

I've walked into the glass of a sliding glass door...and not too long after *I* washed it. You'd think I would have remembered that I washed it - and that it was closed.

- Chel

Skittles said...

My kids were all really into Legos. We're not talking the cutesy little Lego houses, either. They made elaborate fighting planes and such. They knew better to let me hold one while looking at it because whenever I did, a piece of it was sure to just fall right off!


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