Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shout Out

Ok, this is a complaining entry. I'm not generally a negative person, but there are some things that just really bug me. There is a local radio station here that is a pretty darn good station. There aren't any real DJs to speak of, so callers get on air a lot - they kind of act like the psudo DJs. People can call and say just about anything, and they do. They make comments about other drivers, about their upcoming weddings, about songs they want to hear, silly questions about movies (Is a gay movie a movie that has sex with other movies?). Mom's acknowledge their kids, kids talk about their parents. I don't mind the general messages that are left, however, there is one phrase that just gets to me every time I hear it...

Husbands call to give a "shout out" to their wives. Friends call to give a "shout out" to their's just the most annoying phrase. I don't like being shouted at. That husband who "shouted out" to his wife..don't you think she's tired of you shouting at her? Why not walk in the next room and just tell her you're grateful for her? No need to shout here. Obviously, they aren't really shouting and they say it very sincerely. It's just a dumb phrase.

And what does it mean anyway - "shout out"? Why can't they just say "To all of my AA buddies - you guys rock!" And for some reason, people who leave messages with the phrase "shout out" in it almost always sound like they're missing a few brain cells. Of course that could just be my perception; its such an annoying phrase, I turn them into rambling idiots in my mind.

Ok, can you tell this just really gets on my nerves? I'll shut up now before I turn myself into a rambling idiot...perhaps its too late.

- Chel


Anonymous said...

Yikes.. I call my weekly referals to other blogs "Shout Outs" lol

Chelle & Chel said...

LOL Barb! You are such a good sport. I don't dislike the phrase quite as adamantly as Chel. I wonder, though, what's the origin? I don't recall hearing it when my kids were littler ... Who started it? What does it really mean?

LOL Ok, I overananlyze, I know!

Thanks for being a good sport.

Mike said...

I hear that one all the time also. It doesn't bother me as much as the " I approve this message" that you hear all, and I mean all, the time you watch tv and see political ads. Oh well, just wanted to leave a comment.

Chelle & Chel said...

Funny how different things get to us, isn't it?

Oh, and by the way, I approve this message.

- Chel


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